De’ Montrae

This is our artist of the month his name is De’ Montrae

De’ Montrae


Artist | SongWriter

From humble beginnings rapping and acting in school and church, De’Montrae is no stranger to the stage. Armed with years of experience traveling with the performing arts troupe “MWAH!” as well as being involved in music and theater whenever possible, he learned how to play any role necessary to create the best product. 

After a house fire derailed his plans, his life took some unexpected turns. He met the love of his life and they moved out of his hometown where they married and started a media business called 27 Horizon that incorporates graphic design, photography and DJ/MC services.

Never fully letting go of his ambitions to infiltrate the music industry, De’Montrae continued his creative endeavors in numerous ways, learning more and more about his own creativity, and how to be an asset in any situation he finds himself in. Unique opportunities have shaped his artistry and allowed him to experience songwriting, and production in many different genres.

Now today, he has decided to bring all the facets of himself to the foreground and reintroduce himself to the world as a creative force.

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