Looking for writing an effective press release? We are here to help

If you have ever wondered why some press releases get huge media exposure while others are barely mentioned?

We know what makes an editor notice a Press Release, and we are ready to serve it to you.

If you are looking to hire a press release writer and don’t have the time to fit the PR writing schedule – we are here to help! Our team of pro writers knows how to write a PR and what clicks for every industry to attract media attention.

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We Know What Clicks for Every Industry

Each and every industry has its particular signs while looking for newsworthy stories to run. All our writers have the journalistic touch and know what makes an editor pick up on your release. From fashion to finance, start-ups to health care – our experienced and professional press release writers understand what works and will create press releases to appeal to the media and connect with the target audiences. Our press release writers can maximize time and resources by incorporating their expertise with your raw thoughts and offer a media-ready story.

Make your story stand out with our PR writing service:


Share with us the news about your company, business, people, or brand. Our press release writing services will take your story and turn it into a properly formatted PR. Together we will curate a perfect Press Releases that will make everyone take notice. Also, you will get crisp and to-the-point pieces that will attract users’ attention. Our experienced pr writers are pros in their field and know exactly how to engage your target audiences with press release writing service.


The first draft of your PR will be ready within the scheduled time. We will email you with a direct link to preview and give us your valuable feedback. We are more than happy to offer you revisions if it is needed. After that links are added and you can also opt for press release distribution service.

Final Approval

After writing an effective press release, you can make the necessary changes and submit the press release for distribution to more than 195+ media outlets. Once we get thumbs up from you, your release is ready to be live. We take special care of the time as any kind of PR is time-sensitive. If you have any questions even after the release was made live, we are always a mail or a phone call away.

Why shall you choose The PromoNation’s PR writing service?

    • Experience – Our press release writers are experienced and understand what a client wants. This is one of the reasons we are thriving in the vast PR industry.


    • Ownership – You hold complete ownership of your PR, which lets you republish your PR to as many media channels as you want.


    • Affordable – Since we believe in offering affordability to our clients, we provide press release writing services, and our press release writing rates are pocket-friendly.


Look no further and get started with our professional press release writing and distribution service, get in touch with us.


Step One: Create It

Get Started with your first press release. It could be a survey, new location, sale, product, promotion or any newsworthy item. We spread your news by sending it to the right people to offer you good media promotion for your products or services. Your press release would easily reach your target audience, thus increasing your online visibility and enhance your business.

Step Two: Optimize It

Turn your press release into an online marketing asset with the best press release distribution service, PromoNation. Just add keywords, choose the correct categories to target your potential customers. Also, include Youtube videos and photos to attract attention. A little focus on your customers would definitely pique their interests and help you maximize the impact of your piece.


Step Three: Distribute It

PromoNation will deliver your news to every major websites, search engines and 150+ media outlets. We help in generating buzz and visibility for your online presence. When you let us distribute your press release in top Press Release sites, our press release distribution service makes sure your PR campaign be a successful one, thus offering maximum exposure and coverage.

Step Four: Promote It

We are a PR agency offering the best practices that work for majority of people. Press Release promotion is a constantly evolving game. PromoNation can help to market the press releases to your target audiences and other media partners. We provide your PR massive coverage and bring it into the notice of your dedicated and relevant sector.